Are you suffering from Dizziness or Vertigo?

Have you heard about the DPPV technique?

Here at Friarswood our physiotherapists are trained to do the Epley Manoeuvre technique. This involves a short procedure of positional movements to restore the crystals to their rightful place. 80/90% of patients find this technique successful. Please contact us for more information.

Balance Disorders / Vertigo / Dizziness

These conditions can arise for a number of reasons and can seriously affect people’s lives and confidence in many ways. Poor balance can arise due to having had an injury or operation, arthritis, poor mobility or lack of confidence. We can help these conditions by identifying the underlying cause and then providing the appropriate management and treatment.

Vertigo or dizziness can be caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain and by inner ear disorders. The inner ear controls and maintains our balance and infections of that area can result in the balance being severely disrupted. We can very effectively re train the balance mechanism by a programme of progressive exercises.

The other very common reason for imbalance and dizziness is due to” Benign Postural Positional Vertigo” or BPPV . This can occur as a result of getting older and / or if there has been a fall or blow to the head. In both circumstances crystals in the inner ear, associated with balance, become displaced, thus affecting the balance mechanism. Dizziness is commonly felt on change of position, e.g. up and down from a chair or getting into and out of bed.

Our physiotherapists are highly trained and very experienced in treating BPPV. The treatment for this is via the “Epley Manoeuvre”. This is successful in 80-90 % of people. It consists of a short procedure of positional movements to restore the crystals to their rightful place.

We perform this treatment regularly and with a high success rate.

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