Friarswood Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire and was established in 1990.

Sports Injuries Rehabilitation

Usually involves damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments.  Treatment aims are early resolution of the acute inflammatory phase. We aim to return you to full function and pre-injury sporting condition as quickly as possible.

Elbow problems

Tennis or golfers elbow are both painful elbow conditions that are regularly treated with physiotherapy. Golfers elbow causes pain on the inside of the elbow, while tennis elbow affects the outer part of the elbow. They are usually due to overuse of the forearm muscles during tasks which include gripping or repetitive movement such as a keyboard or mouse use. Symptoms may include pain, stiffness, swelling, weakness and an inability to grip. Treatment may involve mobilisation of joints and soft tissues, electrotherapy or acupuncture.

Shoulder pain

There are a number of possible causes of shoulder pain. Rotator cuff tears are common as a result of a fall, a sports injury or rotator cuff degeneration due to advancing age. Rotator cuff tears cause acute pain and loss of movement of the shoulder joint and eventually may cause muscle weakness. If untreated they may lead to a frozen shoulder, whereby the shoulder becomes stiff and painful with significant loss of function.

The shoulder area comprises of three joints and is known as the shoulder complex. Due to its complex biomechanics the quicker advice and treatment is sought, the more likely you are to avoid secondary problems.

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