Friarswood Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire and was established in 1990.

Neck and Back Pain

There are many reasons for neck and back pain. Possible causes include poor posture, degenerative wear and tear, poor lifting technique or following a fall or injury.

Treatment may include: spinal mobilisations and massage; electrotherapy such as interferential; ultrasound or acupuncture; a home exercise programme to stretch and strengthen the area; and advice regarding back care and prevention of future problems.


Sciatica is irritation of the sciatic nerve. Symptoms may include low back pain and further referred symptoms into the lower limb, for example lower limb numbness, tingling and/or weakness. Treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation and pain, together with exercise, to allow disc mobilisation and restoration of function as quickly as possible. Back care advice on how to prevent future injury will always be given.

Neck pain

Neck pain symptoms may arise from incorrect posture, spinal joint degenerative conditions or from whiplash.   Postural habits, such as sleeping positions or using a laptop/tablet on your knee, or from poor general posture in standing or sitting can lead to neck pain.  Pain can occur from cervical spondylosis, which is degenerative wear and tear of the spinal joints.   Acute injuries such as whiplash from a road traffic accident also leads to pain. Treatment may consist of massage, electrotherapy or acupuncture to help reduce the pain, muscle spasm and stiffness.  Advice will be given regarding posture and home exercise programme.


May be caused by joint stiffness, tightness or spasm in the neck muscles. In these cases physiotherapy may be appropriate and helpful in resolving such symptoms. Treatment techniques would be the same as described in the “neck/whiplash” section.

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