Friarswood Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire and was established in 1990.

Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanical assessments

What is biomechanics? During a biomechanical assessment your posture and gait (the way you walk) will be assessed. This includes how your joints and muscles are aligned when standing, walking and running.

Biomechanics can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including, heel or arch pain, shin splints, knee, hip or lower back pain. Achilles pain, recurrent ankle sprains and bunion pain. Here at Friarswood we offer bespoke custom made insoles.

Foot and ankle problems

Ligament sprains are a common injury and after the initial pain and swelling has resolved it is important to stimulate the balance receptors in the ligaments around the ankle, otherwise there is a strong possibility of re-injury

Calf muscle strains may be due to inadequate warm up and stretching, or due to a sudden burst of activity ie running. Treatment including ultrasound, massage, stretches and a progressive rehabilitation programme is crucial to ensuring muscle/tendon healing and to prevent re-injury or persistent tendonitis.

Plantar fascilitis is a very painful foot condition due to inflammation and tightening of the soft tissue under the sole of the foot. Pain is most commonly felt under the heel. It usually responds well to physiotherapy and treatment may include a biomechanical assessment of the foot and lower limb, ultrasound, massage, stretches and insoles may be recommended.

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